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Day Tours

Windhoek is surrounded by many mountains and hills with amazing variety of tracks and trails to explore. In just a couple of minutes you are out of town and in breath-taking nature for a true Namibian experience. Choose from a 2 hour outing to a full day adventure, either guided or explore on your own with detailed info and backup provided by us.

Single Track Heaven

All Day Fun for Young and Old – Bike, Run, Hike

An outing to Avis Dam, Yellowstone Trials or Farm Windhoek Trails will blow your mind with over 100km of single track to choose from. Visit the Namibian Play pit with pump track, Big Berm Riding, jumps or ride the technical MTB course of the African XC Champs. We got some fun for everyone. Young and old with the coffee shop always close by.

Farmland Style

Ride The Ridges - Adventure Experience on private farmland

We have secured special permission from certain landowners to ride on their private farm. A short drive of max 30 min and you are surrounded by pure nature. Ride the Ridges to the most breath-taking views between cattle and game. Watch out for the Warthogs, Leopards and even Rhino. Guided only including a meal outside or at the lodge.


Bike & Hike the 2nd highest place in Namibia

The Auas mountain range on the southern side of town holds the 2nd highest spot in Namibia A great way to tackle this adventure is to cycle to the foot of the mountain range and then hike up to the summit at 2479m. You will be guaranteed to have the best view far over Windhoek and the great Khomas Hochland. Experience a unique flora higher up the mountain which attracts game like Kudu, Oryx and mountain Zebra. Cycle back to River Crossing to enjoy well deserved refreshments and a meal.

Start and Finish is at Cycletec Adventure Centre, 324 Sam Nujoma Drive.

E-Bike, Bike & Hike Rental options available here.

Namibia - where your soul breathes ”


There’s more than one way to experience an active adventure in the Namibian landscape and we’ve got something to suit everyone. We offer a choice of four unique regions of Namibia that will take you from Namibia’s sun-scorched dunes and deserts to the beautiful unspoilt coastline. From full-speed excitement to more moderate activities, you can choose the pace.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just tell us what tickles your fancy and we’ll organise a customised adventure trip for you.


The real experiences happen outside the plan. The essence of travel is exploration, and the heart of exploration is the journey. Instead of just "getting there", we need to let nature guide us. The Ultimate Wild & Extreme Damaraland Adventure offers just that.

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The Skeleton

Explore Namibia’s even wilder side. Experience this unknown and untouched West Coast area by bike and extreme off-road 4x4 travel.

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Sand & Sea

A mix of hiking and biking, this tour takes in the central, southern, and western areas of Namibia, with lodges as the daily bases. A morning activity is followed by a short drive to the next day’s destination.

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An ideal cycling experience on superb trails on private land. Two nights, two cycles at each lodge in the far South of Namibia.

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It is pure, its raw, it’s somehow dangerous, it’s exciting - it calls for Adventure!

Equipment Rental








If you need to rent equipment, we probably have it! Getting out there is great, and outdoor adventure is food for the soul. But the costs can be daunting, especially if it’s a bucket list and you’ll never use all that specialist lit again.

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