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Historical South

An ideal cycling experience on superb trails on private land. Two nights, two cycles at each lodge in the far South of Namibia.

The Orange River, the mighty Fishriver Canyon, Wild Desert Horses, Lüderitz, Kolmanskop and the massive dune fields covering over 400 km of coastline.

A great part of the Namibian history has been shaped in the far south.

The Fish River Canyon, second largest canyon in the world and a geological roadmap through time. Hiking and biking in this area takes you to unbelievable places with breath-taking views.

The Orange River, the border to our South African neighbour, has transported sand and diamonds to the Atlantic at Oranjemund forever. The cold Benguela current has pushed these deposits up north and the strong south westerly winds have carried millions of tons of fine Kalahari sand inland to form the most spectacular dune fields.

Lüderitz was the first port where the German Schutztrupplers set off to explore the country back in the 1900’s. And even further back in 1488 the great explorer Bartolomeu Dias landed here at Rocky Point.

Just outside the town the diamonds were lying in the sand and soon Kolmanskop was formed and the “Spergebiet” was proclaimed. Diamond trading started back in 1908 and till today the diamond trade is one of Namibia’s largest economic sectors.

The coastline here is rough, with strong winds hammering the waves against the rugged rock formations. A few kilometres inland it’s a whole new world with lots of desert and sand. The famous wild horses are seen around Aus.

Traveling north, the D707, classified as the “most scenic district road in Namibia”, is connects us to the central area where Mountains meet Sand & Sea.

Namibia - where your soul breathes ”


There’s more than one way to experience an active adventure in the Namibian landscape and we’ve got something to suit everyone. We offer a choice of four unique regions of Namibia that will take you from Namibia’s sun-scorched dunes and deserts to the beautiful unspoilt coastline. From full-speed excitement to more moderate activities, you can choose the pace.

And if you can’t find what you’re looking for here, just tell us what tickles your fancy and we’ll organise a customised adventure trip for you.


The real experiences happen outside the plan. The essence of travel is exploration, and the heart of exploration is the journey. Instead of just "getting there", we need to let nature guide us. The Ultimate Wild & Extreme Damaraland Adventure offers just that.

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The Skeleton

Explore Namibia’s even wilder side. Experience this unknown and untouched West Coast area by bike and extreme off-road 4x4 travel.

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Sand & Sea

A mix of hiking and biking, this tour takes in the central, southern, and western areas of Namibia, with lodges as the daily bases. A morning activity is followed by a short drive to the next day’s destination.

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An ideal cycling experience on superb trails on private land. Two nights, two cycles at each lodge in the far South of Namibia.

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It is pure, its raw, it’s somehow dangerous, it’s exciting - it calls for Adventure!

Equipment Rental








If you need to rent equipment, we probably have it! Getting out there is great, and outdoor adventure is food for the soul. But the costs can be daunting, especially if it’s a bucket list and you’ll never use all that specialist lit again.

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